Teradek RT MK3.1 FIZ Follow Focus Set


The world's first brushless vector drive lens Motor - faster response, smoother, quieter, high-resolution encoder, no cogging, no sparking, 4x the service life of brushed motors. 

Fast, accurate, quiet, powerful and smooth
Adjustable Motor response for silky smooth to quick and sharp moves
Unique adjustable compensation for zero-backlash and perfect accuracy even on worn lenses
Lens gear can be mounted on either side


- Teradek RT MK3.1 6-axis hand unit with Forcezoom
- Single or Dual MK3.1 Motor
- Teradek RT Motor Driver MK3.1
- 6x Marking Disks
- 15mm/19mm rod mount
- Canon LP-E6 battery (36 hours runtime)
- Canon Battery Charger incl. AC Cable
- 1x Dtap power cable
- 2x Motor power cable
- 1x Arri Start/Stop 3 pin fisher cable
- 1x RED DSMC Control Cable
- 1x LANC Cable
- Pelican case with laser cut foam insert