Sachtler System aktiv10 flowtech100 GS


The System aktiv10 flowtech 100 from the German brand Sachtler is a robust and fairly light tripod that can carry camera setups up to 12kg. The unique SpeedSwap™ system is the fastest way to change from tripod to slider, thus giving you more time and flexibility. The fluid head of the aktiv10 also features the unique SpeedLevel™ technology that can be levelled in seconds. 

It is possible to take extreme low-angle shots down to the ground with the innovative streamlined mounting system. The head has a sideload mechanism, with a sliding range of 120mm, allowing you to quickly insert and snap on the tripod plate. 15 counterbalance steps allow you to quickly and accurately balance out your camera.

Finally, it has a bowl of 100mm and weighs 6.3kg.