Hollyland Mars 4k RX/TX set


MARS 4K450ft 4K UHD wireless video transmission
The new Hollyland Mars 4K wireless video transmission system is capable of a 450ft (150m)LOS range and ultra-low latency of 0.06s. The Mars 4K is designed to combine highperformance and reliable quality at an affordable price.

  • 450ft (150m) LOS Range
  • 0.06s Low Latency
  • SDI & HDMI Support
  • Decimal-Point Frame Rate
  • Flexible Monitoring Options
  • Smart Channel Scan & Selection

4K UHD Video Transmission
The Mars 4K supports 4K UHD video transmission at 30fps for the discerning videographer looking for high-resolution production capability. The Mars 4K also supports FHD and HD formats at varying frame rates—24p, 30p, and 60p.

450ft (150m) LOS Range and 0.06s Ultra-low Latency
The Mars 4K achieves an incredible LOS range of 450ft (150m) and ultra-low latency of 0.06s. 
Its upgraded dual-core codec chip is capable of a 12 Mbps data transfer rate.
*The LOS range of 450ft (150m) is based on interference-free laboratory measurements.

HDMI & SDI Dual Interfaces
The Mars 4K supports HDMI and SDI input and output for expanded connectivity and compatibility. The SDI provides expanded frame rate flexibility for both broadcast and production frame rate (decimal-point frame rate) standards and compatibility through production and postproduction.

Flexible Monitoring Options
The Mars 4K transmitter is compatible with up to two receivers or four mobile devices with the app installed. Up to four mobile devices with the app installed allow a maximum of four parties (such as the director, producer, light control personnel, and audio personnel) on the site to monitor the shooting at the same time.

Operational Efficient Design Form Factor
The Mars 4K is featured with superior corrosion and wear resistance for outstanding durability. With disassembly-free, bullet-styled antennas attached, the well-thought-out design form factor optimizes operational functionality for fast configurations.

Smart Channel Scan and Selection
Channel assignment options allow for interference-free transmission. A stable connection is possible automatically upon startup. Smart channel scan helps determine which ones are occupied and selectable.

Colour LCD with an Exclusive Rocker-Style Button
The Mars 4K features a color LCD with a user-friendly UI design that enables quick configurations and status checks. Its uniquely designed gamepad-styled button greatly improves the operational setup experience.

Multiple Power Supply Options
The Mars 4K supports a wide range of DC power options—6V to 16V, NP-F batteries, and USB Type-C chargers.


1x Mars 4k TX
1x Mars 4k RX
2x Thin SDI Cable
2x D-Tap to locking DC Barrel plug cable.