Aputure Spotlight 26° Mount Set


The Aputure Spotlight Mount Set with 26 degree lens, is a Bowens spotlight mount that gives you more control over your light.

It also increases the intensity of the light, for example with the c120 II you can get up to 10x more light intensity due to the different glass elements in the mount. With the button on the side of the lamp it is also possible to focus the light and make it more or less sharp. Its is furthermore possible to control the shape of the light with the shutter blades.

The lens is equipped with a gel holder and a gobo holder as well as a gobo set which gives you more control over the color and shape of the light.

Practically speaking, the lamp is attached to the back of the spotlight mount, so the lamp then hangs from the spotlight mount. The entire setup can be secured by a button on the side of the mount's yoke. The mount has a dual baby pin and can go on a C-stand or a combo stand. 

The size of the lamp is 434.5 x 218.7 x 357 mm and it weighs 4.59 kg. 

Note: This Aputure Spotlight mount does not fit the lights of the Forza series, it is made specifically for Aputure.