Aputure F10 Fresnel with Barn Doors


The F10 Fresnel is a Bowens Mount, True Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier, made to match the size of traditional 10-inch Fresnel lights like a tungsten 5K or 2500W HMI, with a 250mm diameter lens made of real glass. The size of this Fresnel allows filmmakers to get punchy hard-light that maintains a subtle soft quality that is perfect for dramatic expression.

As an Aputure Fresnel, this modifier also uses Aputure’s dual-lens optical design, utilizing a condenser lens to refocus the light from a flat-chip COB LED to perfectly fill the front Fresnel element, further enhancing the fixture’s illuminance. When combined with the Aputure LS 600d, the fixture can output over 200,000lux at 1 meter.

In addition to its variable 15°-45° beam angle, the F10 Fresnel also adopts Aputure’s seamless adjustable focus design from the Fresnel 2X, assuring precise and ergonomic adjustability. The F10 also incorporates a unique ventilation design that allows for airflow to prevent the COB from overheating, while also minimizing any light leaks.

The Fresnel is also compatible with Aputure’s F10 Barndoors, which provide large adjustable leaves that made to properly cut light from the large Fresnel.

The F10 Fresnel is the largest professional Bowens Mount Fresnel lens on the market and was designed with advice from professional gaffers and cinematographers in mind.